An Introduction to Robot Kit Programming

robot kit programming

Robot Kit Programming





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Methods Of Robot Kit Programming

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Robot kit Programming involves three methods of Programming.

Specialized Manipulation Languages

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These robot programming languages are entire of a different type that work only on robot-specific areas. They might well be considered as a general computer programming language, but usually, such type of languages is weak and do not support complex calculations. Their basic purpose is to focus on making machines that can be manipulated. An example is the

Teaching Pendant

The most used method of robot kit programming is teaching pendant. They do not require giant grey metal boxes or magnetic types. They are like a touch screen tablet and very user friendly. They have precise work. That is the reason they are used in 85 percent of the industries. They are good at simple movements like painting or moving objects in a straight line.


Simulation is also named offline programming. It is often used to ensure the working of large algorithms made by the programmers. It is like the virtual test of the robot to check all its functioning or any other possible problem that a robot can make while working in mass production. This thing is very much useful for generating more ideas, but it requires extra time and effort.

Teaching By Demonstration

Teaching by demonstration (and more explicit techniques like Kinetic instructing) offers an instinctive expansion to the classic teach pendant. These strategies include moving the robot around, either by control a power sensor or a joystick appended to the robot wrist simply over the end effector. Likewise, with the show pendant, the administrator stores each position in the robot PC. Numerous collective robots have joined this programming technique into their robots, as it is simple for administrators to begin quickly utilizing the robot with their applications. Such methods are very helpful while painting complicated shapes or in programmed welding.

Top Programming Languages To Develop Robot Kits





Hardware description languages

New Generation Of Robot Kit Programming

Artificial intelligence (AI)


Although using robots increase the economy but achieving human safety should be the priority of any robotics programming because, in the future, it might be possible that robots are provided with sharp tools that could be dangerous for human life.

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