The Pepper Robot

The Pepper Robot is a humanoid robot. It is partially controlled by humans. The robot is developed by SoftBank Robotics. The machine possesses the ability to read the emotions of human beings. It made its first appearance publicly on 5 June 2014. It was introduced in the mobile stores of SoftBank the following day in Japan.

The unique ability of pepper to detect and read emotions is widely appreciated. This has been possible due to its ability to analyze facial expressions and voice tones.

Commercial Uses Of The Pepper Robot

Pepper Robot is used at the front desk at several offices in the United Kingdom (UK). Using facial recognition techñology, it helps to identify the visitors in the respective offices. It also helps in entertaining the guests by arranging drinks for them. Thus, it works as an assistant to welcome, attend, and guide the people visiting the offices. The robot also sends alarms for organizing meetings.

Pepper has been programmed with the ability to talk to people. So, it often chats with potential clients. It also uses its touch screen for conversing.

It is used at restaurants in Japan to serve drinks and food to customers. The robot can also take orders and then delivers it to the specified cooks. Also, it reduces the dependency and workload of humans by taking over most of the work pressure.

The Pepper Robot is often used in commercial banks and medical institutions in Japan to assist in their work.

Academic Uses Of Pepper Robot

Pepper Robot is used greatly in the academic field. It is used for research and educational purposes in several schools, colleges, as well as universities. The robot is used to teach programming to students. It also conducts research work to bring out new concepts and facts in the domain of human-robot interactions.

In the year 2017, an international group started research to use the Pepper Robot for social purposes. They wanted it to help to look after old and aged people who are sheltered in old age care homes as well as other sheltered accommodations.

Personal Applications

Pepper Robot is widely used in Japan for personal work. Also, thousands of homes have purchased the robot to get help in their household stuff.


  • It was developed with natural as well as expressive moves.
  • The robot has a speech recognition ability.
  • It can speak 15 different languages. It includes English, Spanish, French, German, etc.
  • An open robot and can be programmed fully.
  • It includes sensors, leads, as well as microphones for communication.

Roles Of Pepper Robot

  • Pepper is not meant for domestic use. Although, it is used greatly for this.
  • The role of this robot is to make people enjoy their lives.
  • It is intended to enhance the quality of life of several people who are living with a burdened mind.
  • Meant to encourage relationships as well as make them stronger.
  • It intends to have fun with people.
  • It is programmed to connect with the outside world as well as interact with a sound ability.


  • The makers of the pepper robot hope that other developers will research more into the robotic field.
  • They want others to find new uses for the robot.
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