All About Makeblock Starter Robot Kit

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If your child is interested in robotics then this Makeblock Starter Robot Kit is a great way to help your child in learning. Not just robotics but it also provides information about electronics and Arduino programming. Having practical knowledge is necessary and the products successfully deliver the same. Inside the package, you will find other fascinating material that is described in the following pointers. Here is everything that you need to know about Makeblock Starter Robot Kit before buying. 

Description Of The Kit

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Bring a glimpse of the robotics world with this kit. You can try creating a robot tank. Get more creative and build a three-wheel robot car. They can use an IR receiver, heavy mechanical parts, ultrasonic sensors, and many more. They get an option to operate Scratch 2.0 Open Source Code which is a graphical programming environment. An easy instruction manual is given inside the package. It is specifically designed for children with simple words. Learn about sensors with the Arduino board. As it enables programming a microcontroller board with physical objects.

Features And Other Details

Children can explore new ideas with the provided tools. The modules are pretty simple. Any beginner can understand the wiring process involved in the kit. It’s suitable for ground and can be taken out. The robot can run as well. The weight of the kit goes up to 1 kg 180 g. There are 2 sorts of robots inside the package. An easy instruction guide helps in every way. A great way to start your robotics journey. 

Reviews From The Customers

With every product comes certain negatives and positives. Similarly, the  Makeblock Starter Robot Kit has a downside along with a bright side. It may be marketed as simple but in reality, this product is complex. Your child may face some degree of difficulty. A lot of times electric motors may not respond. However, several parents find it educational. The positive reviews comprehend that product is a good starter for curious children. In this product, the parts are of very good quality. The instruction and modules are not much of a problem. Overall, the opinions are mixed. It contains some benefits and negatives as well. 


In the end, Makeblock Starter Robot Kit is pretty useful for kids who are eager to learn about robotics. The kit provides practical knowledge of other spheres like electronics and Arduino programming. That’s why the product is a combination of benefits. However, these few qualities cannot judge the overall experience that children will have with its usage. With this consideration, the above article points out all the relevant information about the Makeblock Starter Robot Kit. All the details are discussed along with the features. Lastly, a vast variety of feedback is shown to help in concluding. 

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