All About Combat Robot Kit and More

Robot Combat is basically a competition where the opponents are robots that are custom- built and use different ways to win the battle and incapacitate each other. These machines are usually controlled by a remote rather than having autonomous machinery. These competitions get so much coverage that they were made into a television series namely, Robot Wars and Battlebots. Live events are organized for smaller robots by the Robot Fighting League. People that partake into the building and construction of these robots are usually hobbyists and the costs are very substantial. The robot combat arenas are built with taking safety into consideration and are generally surrounded by bullet proof screens. These robots incorporate weapons like axes and hammers in their machinery to demolish the opponent. If you find these competitions interesting, keep reading for more.


A person flying through the air

There are a lot of different types of robots and their worth is determined by the height, weight, durability on the machinery and total weapon strength. Some of the best bots in the game currently are; Bite Force with four wins, Death- Roll has won three out of four battles against names like Foxtrot, Rotator and Quantum. Best of the best Hydra that has won four out of four battles by complete knockout. If you are new to the game and lack the skills of building one yourself, you can find a lot of these bots and kits on amazon and through other online websites like, this website offers kits in three diverse columns. There kits feature heavy- duty frames, light- weight base plates, bulkheads and custom wheels. They sell their kits fully assembled making it easy for the buyer and also leaving out space so that you can add the finishing touches. 


The Battle- bot matches are normally three minutes long where two robots or opponents are pitched against each other and are released on the battleground for head- to- head battle with the intent of demolishing and completely immobilizing one another. The matches take place in a well shielded arena to keep the operators and referees safe from any hazard like fire and charging robots. The arena is constructed with steel floors, steel- framed walls and polycarbonate roof that is also bullet proof. The battle- bots usually set up a fixed weight for the robots of 250 pounds but when it comes to the ‘flying bots’ the weight is limited to a maximum of 10 lbs. There are no major rules except once a robot is immobilized by its opponent or is removed from the arena it loses. If no one destroys the other in given time it is upon the judge to evaluate the robots based on performance.


Combat Robots and these kits have been around for a while now, roughly since the 1990’s but have taken a hold of the audience in the past few years. It’s not only a fun sport but also involves a lot of thrill and adventure. Of course you will end up learning so much about machinery and robotics once you get involved into these competitions.

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