Advantages and Disadvantages of Future Robots for Table Tennis

Future Robots for Table Tennis

With technological advancements happening frequently in the world today, the sports arenas have also seen tremendous changes and developments over the years. One such innovation was made in the field of table tennis. A table tennis robot was invented to help the players practice the game and improve their skills.

Advantages of a Table Tennis Robot

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You get to play table tennis even when you do not have an opponent.

You can practice for as long as you want to.

You can improve your weak strokes and footwork.

It helps you improve your fitness level.

You can adjust the features of the robot and practice only in the area where you lack.

You can vary your workout by changing to varied drills to practice how to play in different styles.

A table tennis robot can efficiently put the ball in the same location repeatedly and so the repeated motion helps you practice well as well improve your fitness.

You don’t have to miss on playing the game if you do not have another player.

Sometimes, you have players of different levels and you do not enjoy playing with someone who excels you or does not play as well as you. With a robot, you can adjust the features to your level and practice.

Table Tennis robots have great time and efficiency value.

With a robot, you can practice at greater speeds.

These are excellent for self training.

These are very helpful to work on your service and return skills.

Disadvantages of a Table Tennis Robot

While mastering a new skill on a robot, you get infinite practice as the number of balls you hit are innumerous. This makes it very easy to get used to an incorrect technique and get the hang of it, in case you are not performing it correctly.

Robots do not give visual clues that you may get from your opponents and this does not let you practice reading the opponent’s body language properly.

While practicing a similar stroke repeatedly, you often tend to neglect your footwork, which you need while playing a real game.

A table tennis robot cannot generate the same amount of spin and speed that a player can.

You also practice extreme levels of spin which make it difficult for you to play with other players.

While playing with a robot, you have to select the type of spin you want to practice. A big part of the game is adapting your stroke to different levels of the incoming spin. You learn to read the spin and the strategy of the real opponent and adapt accordingly but with a robot, you know what kind of spin is coming your way and you prepare your mind beforehand. A robot cannot replicate a real player in this respect.

Final Verdict

While a table tennis robot is great to help you practice some skills in the game, especially where you lack, it cannot replicate a human. It can serve as a great form of physical workout and you can use it to practice your weak movements, but you need to play with real opponents to study their body languages, movements, strategies and adjust to their speeds and spins.

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