A Review of the Two Star Toy’s Robot Starter Kit

robot starter kit

If you are thinking about building your own robots, you should think about getting a Lego Mind Control Starter Kit. It is one of the best kits to get if you want to get started in robotics, as it has everything that you need. It also comes with Legos that let you build robots like the Red Ninja, Echelon, and Velocity Robot. The kit contains eight Minifigures, which include the Head Bot, the Body Bot, and the Legs Bot. The included items mean that you can build robots to compete in robot wars.

There is no doubt about it, the Lego Mind Control Starter Kit has everything you need to be a robotics genius. The starter robot kit contains a robot that has four legs and two wheels. It is programmable by connecting the robot to an electronic board and with the included batteries, it will program itself to move around. If you want to control multiple robots at once, you can connect them all to the same board and the robot will control each one individually.

Robot Starter Kit

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Another thing you will find is that this kit is really fun to play with. The Red Ninja robot is a very cool-looking robot that is included in the robot starter kit. The great thing about this robot is that it has a neat red spider web on its chest. When you place this robot on the included touch screen, it will “pounce” onto the touchpad and start dancing. It will also wave at you when you approach it.

The other two robots in the Lego Mindstorms Ev3 are more realistic looking than the red robot. They have big red eyes and they are much more lifelike. The Echelon robot is just as neat looking as the Red Ninja, and it also dances when you put it on the touch screen. The Velocity robot is just as impressive as the Echelon. It is the smallest of the three robots, but it is definitely the coolest of the three.

All of these robots are programmable, which means that they can be taught to do things by using sensors or timers. In the case of the Red Ninja, it will be able to “punch” your opponent when it gets tagged. The other robots are a little bit more on the robotic side. In the case of the Echelon, it will let you program the robot to do different things, like respond to knocks on the door or to go out for a walk.

A Much Ado

When you are building your robot kit, it is important that you remember that the starter pack comes with remote control and a sensor unit. You will have to get these items separately and install them into your robot kit. You will also have to purchase the sensors that will tell your robots where to go and what to do, but the kit comes with all of them pre-programmed.

These starter robots come in handy for a number of reasons. If you are looking to teach kids how to use a robot, then the robots from Radioactive Labs and SparkFun are excellent choices. They are easy to program and are very realistic. The other robots are great if you want to take your robot party a step further and create your own competition, or if you want to try your hand at programming robots yourself.

Bottom Line

There are a number of quality Lego kits out there that will let you build robots. If you are looking for one that is easy to assemble and has great Lego pieces, then the Robot Starter Kit from Radioactivelabs and the SparkFun Star Wars Imperial Knight Ultimate are two great choices. Whichever of these starter robot kits you choose, you’ll have hours of fun building with them.

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