A Look Into Industrial Robotic Applications

mobile industrial robots

Mobile industrial robots have proven to be effective in various industrial tasks and applications. These are pieces of heavy machinery that can be programmed to do various tasks in an industrial environment. In general, these were first used in workbench and stationary applications; however, recent years have seen mobile industrial robots use lean manufacturing. This article will explore some of the applications of mobile robots in lean manufacturing.

Heavy Lifting

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The use of a mobile robot is very important for tasks such as heavy lifting. Several different types of heavy lifting machines make heavy lifting possible, and these include cranes, forklifts, and hoists. However, they are extremely heavy and can only be carried by human beings for a short period. There are also cases when these are too heavy to lift, and they will have to be operated by remote control.

Demolition Of Heavy Machinery

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Another type of heavy lifting task that mobile robots can perform is the demolition of heavy machinery. For instance, a crane can be controlled remotely by a mobile robot or a wheeled vehicle. This would allow the machine to remove the crane from the site safely. This is especially beneficial for sites where the crane is large and is located in a hazardous area.

Other areas of operation for these robots include oil and gas exploration and oil and gas drilling, which are often done on construction sites. These robots can be equipped with a laser to provide high-resolution images of the site and its surroundings. Once the images are uploaded on the internet, the operator can view them from his/her computer monitor or a handheld device.

Lean Manufacturing Applications

In addition to the uses mentioned above, there are other applications of mobile robots that have proven to be very useful in lean manufacturing applications. Some examples include the transportation of material from one place to another. This includes transporting raw materials to manufacturing plants, the transportation of finished goods to customers, the transfer of finished goods from one site to another to make it possible to produce the goods quickly and economically.

There are different kinds of machines that can be used to transport materials. These include trucks, buses, forklifts, and trucks, etc. Mobile industrial robots can help in loading, unloading, and transporting heavy goods.

Assembling Products

Mobile robots can also help in the process of assembling products. These include the assembly of components, production of parts, installing equipment and systems on machines; the assembly of components and machines; and the installation of assembly of the finished product. In all these processes, a mobile robot can help reduce costs and time for the manufacturers. The assembly of components is especially essential because they can easily work with the parts; they can be programmed accordingly to do these tasks.

Implementing Robotic Processes To Increase Production Speed

Manufacturing processes need automation for them to be more efficient. With the aid of a mobile robot, it becomes easy to implement robotic processes to increase production speed.

Some of the advantages of using mobile robotic tools are the ease of use of these robots and their capability to operate in all environments. Since these robots are remote controlled, the operator can work from any location. This means the operator does not have to travel to various places to supervise the robots’ operations.

Final Words

Various types of robots can be used in the above tasks. They can range from industrial robots to domestic robots. Domestic robots are used for domestic purposes to control household chores, inspect vehicles, and other things. This includes the monitoring and repair of items and machinery. Domestic robots have also been used for cleaning and other house related tasks.

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