5 Kinds Of Military Robots Suits That Could Be The Future

future military robots suits

Military Robot Suit For Entire Body

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As the name suggests this type of exoskeleton covers the entire body of the user. You can see some prototypes of full-body military suits in XSO and XSO2 as well as HULC. These are usually heavier and thicker. Thus, hard to manage and control at the same time. Due to such attributes, developers prefer to divide the suit into two halves or so. The processing becomes easier and lighter.

Military Robot Suit For Lower Body

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A lower-body exoskeleton is meant for covering the legs or knees. For example, the Hercule prototype by RB3D, Power Armor by Ekso Bionics & SRI Robotics. These kinds of military robot suits are assembled out of flexible and tough materials. They provide solid support to the individual. The focus is on speed and mobility to the soldiers.

Stationary Or Stagnant Military Robot Suit

In contrast with the other mentioned suits, this suit is not for movement purposes. A stagnant suit has been developed on the idea of enhancing the capabilities or other subjects. It is employed for shooting and aiming skills. The military robot suit utilizes a similar technique and technology.

Passive Military Robot Suit

These sorts of service suits are based on vibration and shock waves that a soldier produces or receives. You can see two variants of a passive exoskeleton. One variant transfers the burden faced into the ground while the other absorbs the shock and vibrations.

Energy Scavenging Military Robot Suit

PowerWalk developed by Bionic Power is an excellent example of such suits. There are lower body military robot suits that are designed for extracting energy with the activity of knees and legs. All the energy that has been formed while walking is stored. The focus is to cultivate energy for further usage.


The Iron Man suit is one of the most popular weaponry. However, the reality is different in the real world. That was just the work of fiction. But the idea of building a weapon that can be worn by individuals has been around for a long time. However, the testing and development process is still going on. In the above article, 5 types of military robot suits have been discussed. These are not yet formulated but can become a reality in the future.

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